Thursday, January 7, 2010


We have been waiting for snow for several days and the "big day" has arrived. We received only a few flurries. I feel bad for the children because the weathermen get us all excited and then it is a flop. That seems to be the norm in my area - they are wrong more than they are right. We should get some benefit from this cold. Yesterday when the sun was out it was bearable but today it has just been all gloom. Our area is not use to this so it is hard to handle. I guess when the summer gets here we will all be saying it is too hot.
The children were in anticipation of this like it was Santa coming so that was a let down for them. They even announced yesterday afternoon that our schools would be closed today because of the snow storm.

However, we have a bigger excitement in this area for this evening. Our Crimson Tide is playing for the College Football Championship. A large portion of the state of Alabama will be glued to the TV. Roll Tide Roll!!!!!


Beth said...

We got enough snow to cover the ground and get all the schools closed! Now we have to deal with the ice and dangerous road conditions...ugh.

I'm just sick worrying about what to do tomorrow night. It's visitation time and I have to drive about 16 miles to meet Madison's dad half way. If the roads don't clear up by 5 pm tomorrow night I guess I'm going to call him and tell him if he wants his visitation then he will have to be the one to drive to come and pick her up. Please pray for me that I will do/say the right thing.

Tricia said...

I will pray for you. That is so hard having to do the visitation thing. If the roads are still bad I would hope he would be concerned for everyones safety and be considerate to work out another plan.