Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tips for Mosquitos and other Summer Bugs

1. For mosquitoes try taking a B1 vitamin (thiamine) - 200 milligrams a day for adults and 100 milligrams for children. This was recommended by one US doctor back in 1943 and is still recommended today. Some of the vitamin is excreted through the skin and it is suppose to be enough to repel mosquitoes.
2. If a bug gets in the ear turn your head toward bright light immediately. Bugs are attracted to light and it should come out unless it is stuck in ear wax. In that case you may need medical attention.
3. To remove an embedded tick from your skin, let 2 drops of clear fingernail polish fall onto the tick to cover it completely. Within seconds it will release and back out.
4. If you live near woods or a natural area try sprinkling moth crystals around the edge of your yard. It is suppose to repel ticks and chiggers and it is certainly better than using chemical pesticides.

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