Friday, July 24, 2009

"Health Food" Caution

Some foods that are presented as healthy still may not be the best choices.

Yogurt - the flavored and custard style are high in sugar. The best way to eat yogurt is to buy plain and add vanilla extract, stevia (a natural sweetener) and berries.
Granola bars - another form of a cookie. One of the best know brands has 5 types of sugar. Be sure to check the labels.
Wheat bread - "wheat flour" and "unbleached flour" are refined. The really soft bread contains corn syrup and/or hydrogenated oil. Read the labels! I saw a label that says 100% whole wheat with some other grains and more than one sweetener. The label should say 100% WHOLE GRAIN.
Fruit juices - a refined food. The fiber is removed. Without fiber sugar will be quickly absorbed causing a blood sugar rush.
Chocolate milk - has sugar and caffeine but is a better choice than an energy drink after workout or sports. It has the proper ratio of carbs to proteins and the lactose sugars are better absorbed than sugars in energy drinks.
Peanut Butter - a good source of monounsaturated fat for heart health but no need to buy the reduced fat jar because the added sugar keeps the calories at the same level or higher. Check for sodium content (can range from 40 - 250 mg) and sugars. The natural brands have about 1/2 the sugar as the more commercial.

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Elizabeth said...

Thank you so very much for your sweet comments. It really means a lot. Especially at this season in my life. I'm really struggling over here, but I know I'm not alone. God is with me!

On another note, I gave you an award :) Go to my blog to check it out!

Thanks again for the offer to vent or just have someone to talk to....I may take you up on that one day ;)