Monday, March 16, 2009


SPRING HAS SPRUNG! What a wonderful time of the year to see all the new growth and colors that have been placed in this world. I am not a big gardener but I always plant some herbs. Oregano and basil always do very well . There are several types so you can try different ones.

Then I buy another something here and one there and before long I have too many things to plant. Begonias always do well and if in pots can be brought indoors and kept through the winter.

Last year I bought a butterfly bush. I left it in the pot so it didn't grow much but it was attracting butterflies. I am going to plant it in the ground this year so it will grow.
They get 5' or so and I hope a lot of butterflies will come.
It didn't require much attention - that is the kind of things I need.

I have seen the tomatoes that grow downward from a hanging pot. I may try that. It looks interesting.
Watch the rabbits. They will nibble on some plants.

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