Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Something about warmer weather makes us want to get moving and brighten up our homes.
Don't be hesitant to get rid of things! You will feel so much better when there is less clutter around and if you can take it to a resale shop you might be able to make some extra money.
KIDS AND ADULT CLOTHES that are too small - sell, give to a charity or throw out. When you buy a new one get rid of an old one.
HOLIDAY ITEMS - try to avoid buying at holiday time until you check what you have from the past. It is easy to get wrapped up in the atmosphere but if you already have too much you need to use what you have or throw out. Keep it simple and don't waste a lot on decorations.
TOYS - if it is broken or you child is too old for it get rid of it. Keep an area near the back door with hooks, shelves and baskets for the kids to store their things. Make them responsible. Expect them to pick up and keep their things in a certain place.
BUYING BULK - Sam's and Costco's are great but if you don't have room don't buy too much bulk. Buy things that you use up quickly. Know what you have so you don't duplicate.
Set a a certain amount of time each day to tackle the cluttered areas started with the worst area. Put in a pile things that go in another room and then put it away or if it is something that isn't being used get rid of it.

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