Friday, October 24, 2008

Whoooo its Boo!

Its a cool,damp day here so maybe some can use another Halloween craft for the wee ones.

How about Boo the owl.

Materials needed: brown construction, scraps of green and yellow construction, scissors and glue.

Directions: draw pattern, cut out, fold wings, glue on eyes and nose. If children are old enough let them do the cutting with children scissors.
It may be hard to read the sizes:
with brown paper
the 2 long edges are 8 3/4",
next edge to the left is 3 1/2" - there are 2 of these, opposite each other
next edge is 2 3/4" - there are 2 of these, opposite each other
the flat edge on top is 5 1/2"
also cut 2 - 2" eyes of green and 2 - 1" eye centers of yellow
1 triangle nose about 1" long and 5/8" wide that tapers to tip this is yellow

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Melissa said...

I need to get it together and do some of these crafts with the kids. They're so cute!